Terms & Conditions

The access to ETNAMAAR web site and all the data contained there shall be subject to the conditions and provisions set out below. These conditions define the procedure of ordering, payment, delivery, and return of products offered on these pages.
ETNAMAAR web pages are available only for your personal use free of charge and according to the following Terms and Conditions.
By accessing ETNAMAAR web site you are bound to accept and agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.

Terms of Purchase

The procedures of payment, delivery and return of the products are defined by the terms of purchase on ETNAMAAR.COM web site. Fashion ordination d.o.o. company, i.e. ETNAMAAR.COM web shop, Ilica 82, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, OIB 37963756865 is the Supplier (Seller) of products offered on these web pages and the Customer is a visitor of the web shop who orders at least one item by e-mail, sends this e-mail to the Supplier and makes payment by a credit card.


Products may be ordered 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
A product can be ordered by selecting the desired product electronically and placing it into the cart.
The product shall be considered as purchased at the moment of receiving a proof of its payment.
All the prices shown are expressed in the Croatian national currency, Croatian kuna (HRK), VAT included. A Customer has additional option to be shown prices in Euros.
The products are ordered electronically, by selecting a certain product and placing it into the cart. The product shall be considered as ordered at the moment when the Customer selects a product and sends a proof of payment.


The Customer is obliged to make payment in the form selected during making order.
The ordered products or services are paid online by MasterCard of Visa credit cards.

Conversion Statement

Regardless of the chosen currency of payment, all billing is done in HRK, and banks and credit card companies carry out internal currency conversion at their own rate.

Shipping Information

Ordered products are packaged so that the usual manipulation during shipping will not cause any damage. When a product is delivered, the Customer is obliged to check the condition of the packaging and immediately make return should the product be damaged, which is given to the deliverer (employee of the company making delivery). The Supplier does not take responsibility for any damage that occurred during delivery process.
If the Customer is not delivered the product or information on delivery in due time after the product has been sent, the Customer has right to inform the Supplier about that in order to start the procedure of finding the shipment or sending replacement.
If the Customer refuses to take over the product he or she ordered, the Supplier has right to charge the Customer for all shipment expenses.
The Supplier is obliged to send the product to the Customer immediately after confirmation of online transaction approval is received. After receiving this confirmation, the Supplier is obliged to send the product in the period of 5-10 working day for Croatia and 15 working day at the latest for other countries. After the deliverer (the company that makes delivery) receives the shipment from the Supplier, the Supplier is no longer responsible for delivery schedule and possible delays, as well as for problems related to further manipulation and delivery of the product.
ETNAMAAR.COM ships worldwide with Croatian Post, EMS (Express Mail Service) and DPD. All ETNAMAAR .COM orders are shipped from Croatia.
Delivery schedule and costs
CROATIA / 10 working days / FREE shipping
EUROPE 1 (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia) / 10-15 working days / 20 €
EUROPE / 10-15 working days / 20 €
NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA / 10-15 working days / 20 €
REST OF THE WORLD / 10-15 working days / 20 €
If a Customer is purchasing from a country, member of EU, tax is not included for products of the Croatian origin, and all our products are preferentially of the Croatian origin. Countries outside EU/EEA could include additional taxes or custom duties on the shipment, according to their own regulations related to the trade with EU.
The procedures of import incurred by different countries will not be paid for by ETNAMAAR.COM web shop since they are liable to the Customer.

Return Policy

The Supplier is obliged to deliver the product in technically good condition, as described in ETNAMAAR.COM web shop. The image that illustrates the product on web pages is not necessarily identical to the product in reality and the Customer cannot make return on the basis of this aspect.
The Customer has the right to make complaint and replace or return a purchased product within 30 days of the product delivery. The products should be returned or sent in undamaged condition to our address. All valid Croatian and EU laws and regulations, especially the Consumer Protection Act, apply here.

Privacy Policy

ETNAMAAR.COM website will protect privacy of all its Customers and Users.
All information related to the Customers’ payment will not be disclosed other than when details of an order are processes as part of the order fulfilment.
All ETNAMAAR.COM website employees, as well as their business partners, will follow principles of privacy protection.

Intellectual property protection

The User accepts that the entire contents of the Website are the exclusive property of Fashion ordination d.o.o. company or its authorized persons. It is explicitly forbidden to perform any extent of copying, distribution, transfer, publishing, linking or changing in any other way these web pages, without written approval by Fashion ordination d.o.o. company.
The User is especially not entitled to download, duplicate, alter, edit, distribute, show, delete, send, sell, resell, adjust, or change the content, create derivatives, or incorporate contents in other web pages or media, or use it in any way other than for personal home use, respecting the third party copyrights.

General information

Fashion ordination d.o.o. company has the right to change these Terms & Conditions. All the changes will refer to use of ETNAMAAR.COM web pages. The Customer is responsible for correct and complete data during purchase.
Services provided by ETNAMAAR.COM web shop do not include expenses created by use of computer equipment and services for accessing our web pages. Fashion ordination d.o.o. company is not responsible for expenses of telephone, data transfer, or any other possible expenses.
Prices are subject to change by Fashion ordination d.o.o. company.
Fashion ordination d.o.o. company offers best possible service, however, there is no guarantee that services on ETNAMAAR.COM web site will suit your needs. Fashion ordination d.o.o. company cannot guarantee that services will be without error. If an error occurs, please send e-mail to the following address: andrijana@etnamaar.com in order to remove the error as soon as possible.