The most important “YES”
The most important “YES”

“The best way to use life is through love. The best expression of love is time. The best time to love is now. ” Rick Warren

Life consists of decisions, those that are made on a daily basis, to those on a weekly, monthly, annual, life …

One of the most important and courageous decision is when we say “Yes” at the moment of our wedding with the highest positive hope that everything will be fine until the end ….

For most of the female population, choosing a dress or wedding dress is one of the most important, but also more stressful decisions in life. It is an event that most women fantasize about as children, first about a dress, and only then about a prince “on a white horse”.

For us designers, making a wedding dress is a great challenge and responsibility, and the art of satisfying all the wishes of a bride, but in the end a great joy when we hear the sentence “That’s it, I’m satisfied.” Of course with all this knowledge and talent, the most important is psychology to avoid stress and panic whether everything will turn out exactly as the bride imagined as a child …

After meeting and talking to the future bride, I set off in search of inspiration and materials. Then I indulge in imagination, drawing, combining ….

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

In the studio Etna Maar you have the opportunity to choose from three sketches and several types of materials. After  the final selection starts we start to make it. From the design sketch to the realization it takes about a week.

Sometimes, if the bride wants, the entire styling can be designed, from shoes, jewelry to a hairstyle proposal ….

The wedding dress is made of quality materials, cotton, silk in combination with lace or other effective materials, depending on the season, ambience and desire of the bride …

All wedding dresses can later be adjusted for later wear, unless the bride wants to keep the dress ….

The most important thing is that the dress is comfortable, that it allows free movements, especially those of dance.

Freedom of movement and comfort combined with glamor that suits the aesthetics and desire of the bride is a winning combination so that for her one of the most solemn and vital moments will be recorded in the most beautiful memory …. and in a photo album that will gladly flip through …

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