Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

The Supplier is obliged to deliver the product in technically good condition, as described in ETNAMAAR.COM web shop. The image that illustrates the product on web pages is not necessarily identical to the product in reality and the Customer cannot make return on the basis of this aspect.
The Customer has the right to make complaint and replace or return a purchased product within 30 days of the product delivery. The products should be returned or sent in undamaged condition to our address. All valid Croatian and EU laws and regulations, especially the Consumer Protection Act, apply here.


Shipping Information

Ordered products are packaged so that the usual manipulation during shipping will not cause any damage. When a product is delivered, the Customer is obliged to check the condition of the packaging and immediately make return should the product be damaged, which is given to the deliverer (employee of the company making delivery). The Supplier does not take responsibility for any damage that occurred during delivery process.
If the Customer is not delivered the product or information on delivery in due time after the product has been sent, the Customer has right to inform the Supplier about that in order to start the procedure of finding the shipment or sending replacement.
If the Customer refuses to take over the product he or she ordered, the Supplier has right to charge the Customer for all shipment expenses.
The Supplier is obliged to send the product to the Customer immediately after confirmation of online transaction approval is received. After receiving this confirmation, the Supplier is obliged to send the product in the period of 5-10 working day for Croatia and 15 working day at the latest for other countries. After the deliverer (the company that makes delivery) receives the shipment from the Supplier, the Supplier is no longer responsible for delivery schedule and possible delays, as well as for problems related to further manipulation and delivery of the product.
ETNAMAAR.COM ships worldwide with Croatian Post, DHL and DPD. All ETNAMAAR .COM orders are shipped from Croatia.
Delivery schedule and costs
CROATIA / 10 working days / FREE shipping
EUROPE 1 (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia) / 10-15 working days / 30 €
EUROPE / 10-15 working days / 20 €
NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA / 10-15 working days / 30 €
If a Customer is purchasing from a country, member of EU, tax is not included for products of the Croatian origin, and all our products are preferentially of the Croatian origin. Countries outside EU/EEA could include additional taxes or custom duties on the shipment, according to their own regulations related to the trade with EU.
The procedures of import incurred by different countries will not be paid for by ETNAMAAR.COM web shop since they are liable to the Customer.

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