Payment methods

Payment methods

Payment of the product price and delivery costs can be made in one of the following ways:

1. Payment by PayPal – all countries except Croatia
2. Payment by delivery – only Slovenia
3. Payment by internet banking – products for which an order has been concluded can be paid via internet banking of any bank in which the possibility of such a method of payment is open. After confirming the order, the Online Shop EtnaMaar forwards by email all the necessary information to make the payment.

The customer who pays by credit card is automatically guided to secure and secure SSL pages where he enters the necessary data from the card.

The Customer’s cash receipt includes the payment received to the giro account of Fashion ordination d.o.o. or Customer credit card authorization approval. Cash receipt on the account of the company Fashion ordination d.o.o. it is visible at the earliest on the next working day, ie within 24-48 hours from the moment of payment (excluding weekends, holidays and public holidays). Payments made by the Customer on Friday are most often visible on Monday, when the products are sent by express delivery service.

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