100 % Gorgeous by Etna Maar

Tuesday, 11. September 2018.

First Etna Maar Collection For Kids.


Fragrance as a gift with every purchase...

Monday, 1. December 2014.

Woolen thread is a guiding principle of well-know designer Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik. This time a thread connected her brand Etna Maar with Ambre Edp by Christian Lacroix, a new fragrance by Avon, the beauty company. Receive your Christian Lacroix Ambre for Her fragrance as a gift with purchase of new collection at Etna Maar’s web shop.


Etna Maar Says: Fashion Trends are Illusions!

Wednesday, 15. October 2014.

The new collection of the Fashion Studio Etna Maar, for the season autumn/winter 2014/15, is inspired by the film "The Matrix." And exactly like the protagonist Neo, designer Andrijana Subotić Pjajčik went into a battle with "the machine" that dictates what we have to wear this season.

She faced a self-imposed challenge - to show that fashion trends are just an illusion which someone decided to make "the truth" at certain point.


Rebellious Layers

Wednesday, 15. October 2014.

...In the very collection, one can see a "battle" of avant-guard tailoring with three actual trends: minimalism, luxurious multilayering, and eternal love for black colour.

The collection includes rich knitting, made of intriguing worsted yarn - Etna Maar's trademark, long coats and dresses that look like sculptures. Prevailing colours are black, grey, and petroleum green. When materials are concerned, wool, neoprene, cotton, and artificial fur were used. Basic clothes, like t-shirts, undershirts or tights, include a print with the code of Etna Maar's web site.


Fashion Campaign that defies trends

Wednesday, 15. October 2014.

Andrijana's new collection "The One" is intended for those who refuse to follow trends obediently.

This season's Cro A Porter begins tonight in the Car Museum "Ferdinand Budicki" where, among others, designer Etna Maar will show her new collection....

...The role of the face for the collection autumn/ winter 2014/ 2015 has been played by Ivana Severinac (Taliamodel) in front of the photographer Karmen Poznić's camera. Tena Bašić took care of make-up, and Nina Dundur of hairstyles.


Campaign Picasso & Etna Maar ss 2013.

Thursday, 2. May 2013.


Etna Maar @ Lookbook Croatian Fashion Designers fall/winter 2012/13.

Thursday, 20. December 2012.

Croatian Fashion Designers Lookbook fall/winter 2012/13.

Video: Etna Maar @ XX. Cro A Porteru

Tuesday, 16. October 2012.

Collection Dorian Gray by Etna Maar for fall/winter 2012/13.


Etna Maar @ 77. Zlatna igla

Monday, 15. October 2012.

Traditional fashion show of best craftsmen and designer.

In My Secret Life

Friday, 13. July 2012.

Etna Maar in fashion editorial by www.moda.hr!

Video: Etna Maar feat. Krzno campaign

Thursday, 27. October 2011.

Etna Maar & Krzno present collection for fall/winter 2011/12.


Etna Maar @ Lookbook Croatian Fashion Designers spring/summer 2013.

Wednesday, 4. May 2011.

Croatian Fashion Designers Lookbook spring/summer 2013.

Tatoo - Jennifer Đawn exhibition

Saturday, 10. July 2010.

The exhibition is a group multimedia project of two fashion designers in cooperation with a photographer (Robert Rajtić), choreographer (Andreja Široki) and light designers Gordana and Zorislav Šojat. By means of clothes, photography and dance performance, the exhibition thematizes tattooing as sociological and cultural phenomenon in contemporary society in relation to the different manifestations and functions it had or has had in different societies and cultures through history (different gender/sex, sacrifice, ritual, pain, sexuality,...).

Etna Maar winner of Croatian Etno Creation 2010.

Thursday, 1. July 2010.

Photos of Etna Maar winning collection @ Croatian Etno Creation 2010.!

Etna Maar on Modepalast in Vienna

Sunday, 25. April 2010.

Austrian fashion audience loves Etna Maar. New proof for that design studio Etna Maar got on Modepalast, international trade fair for fashion, jewelry and accessories. At MAK in Vienna Etna Maar presented its collection for spring and summer 2010. Special focus of this year's fair was green fashion so fashion experts gave a lot of compliments to Etna Maar's collection.

Etna Maar at Blickfang in Zürich

Sunday, 22. November 2009.

Fashion studio Etna Maar from Zagreb has successfully presented itself to the Swiss audience. Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik was the only Croatian designer at Blickfang - international designfair for furniture, fashion and jewelry. In only three days at the fair, several thousand people have visited Etna Maar's stand. Small collection, prepared specially for the fair, contained some of the best AW creations of Etna Maar and was almost completely sold out.

Etna Maar at Vienna Fashion Week

Sunday, 27. September 2009.

Fashion studio Etna Maar from Zagreb has successfully presented its creations at the manifestation MQ Vienna Fashion Week. Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik was, at the same time, the first Croatian designer to appear at the Vienna Fashion Week. There, she was invited to several other important European fashion events and she also arranged the sale of her creations in Vienna and Maribor.

Etna Maar winner of Croatian Etno Creation 2009

Monday, 15. June 2009.

Among the strong competition of 20 designers at the Croatian Etno Creation 2009 contest in Vinkovci, Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik, designer from the fashion studio Etna Maar, won the first prize. Her creations, inspired by the Croatian monochromatic national costumes, thrilled both the jury and the audience. At the contest, she also presented one of her lines from the winter/fall 2009/2010 collection. The line is called "From plise to plise", and this 36 year-old designer found the inspiration for it in the national costumes of Jamnica, Sibenik and Mljet.

Slovenian fashion brand Firma presented at Etna Maar

Saturday, 6. June 2009.

Slovenian fashion brand Firma was formally presented in the Etna Maar fashion studio. This way, a successful cooperation between Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik, designer of Etna Maar, and Slovenian designer Sanja Grcic continued. Citizens of Zagreb were introduced to current Firma collection called Avanturisti PP09. It is a collection that has already delighted fashion critics and fashion fans worldwide. Sanja Grcic met Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik last month at Fashion Festival Assembly in Graz, and she came to Zagreb after she presented the work of Croatian designer in Ljubljana.

Collection Etna Maar by Lunar presented

Monday, 11. May 2009.

Collection Etna Maar by Lunar was formally presented at Etna Maar fashion studio. Guest of honor was Marina Zubcic, Olympian bronze winner who embodies perfectly the spirit of the collection. Collection Etna Maar by Lunar is a unique combination of fashion and graffiti art. This collection was created in cooperation with graffiti writer Slaven Kosanovic Lunar and designer Etna Maar, Andrijana Subotic Pjajcik. In her design, a great attention is given to the choice of materials and cut, but the special point is made by the recognizable signature of Lunar's characters.