Braveheart – new capsule collection
Braveheart – new capsule collection

Following my heart, I reached for the strongest inspiration – freedom and created for my brand Etna Maar a spring capsule collection that I called Braveheart.

Courage is needed for a lot of things, and since I know for myself I have been brave, I have not been afraid of challenges and new beginnings. Probably because I come from an entrepreneurial family, parents of knitters who created a small production out of nothing and worked and created continuously for 45 years, sometimes on the edge, but they always had the courage to continue from the beginning ….That’s how I started Etna Maar 15 years ago ….

The struggle for different dimensions of freedom takes place within us throughout life, and the last year it is marked by fighting on many levels. We fight to stay healthy in body and spirit, we fight for existence, human rights… for all those freedoms without which life is less beautiful and pleasant. That dry the pursuit of freedom is the inspiration for my Braveheart collection, and the struggle for liberation is woven into it nature from human aggression.

Creations are always designed with the intention to go beyond fashion trends and made in high quality to be long-lived. This time I went a step further in the fight for the freedom of Mother Nature – The entire collection is made of existing resources that are still relevant today – quality linen and cotton in trendy colors, so the collection is also a limited edition.

“Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow him, ”says Malcolm Wallace to his son William Braveheart.

Unrestrainedness and freedom of movement are emphasized throughout my work so does this spring capsule collection that brings key pieces, extremely functional and stylish timeless.

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