Courageous, definitely authentic Andrijana Subotić Pjačik has almost been writing her design story since she was born 1973. From a young age, her strength was definitely in the authenticity -she is a designer who’s childhood taught her the craft that she creates today inherited by her brand Etna Maar. It is the family tradition that will prove indispensable in the construction of its Etna Maar brand, which is today a general and well-know termin the local and regional fashion scene.Born into a family that produces knitwear, Andrijana discovered love for knitting,which for the past twenty years has been her medium for expressing an attitude,rebellion and artistic concept.

While studying design and textiles at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, she clearly set her design goals,which she later achieved through a scholarship from the British  Council.
Her author’s manuscript clearly rests on the aesthetics of avant-garde fashion, in a form that incorporates any understanding of such work.

A great lover of dominant black clothing pieces, with some intrusion into red, gray or green in the form of details or of a certain unique piece that then tells a story, her the vision of avant-garde fashion for a contemporary woman rests primarily on a cool, unspoken attitude. If we had to describe her aesthetic, it would be simplest to say that it is a mix of Scandinavian and alternative style that does not lose focus during seasons of wearing. An abundance of knowledge, expertise, and excellence culminated in Andrijana’s participation in the Croatian fashionweeks, the most notable being her series of author collections at Cro-A-Porter.

In the meantime, fully committed to her personal and career development, Andrijana has  adapted her brand Etna Maar to extremely demanding global markets and has focused her focus on Europe and the United States to build a worldwide career.Her selection of top every day pieces to wear and combine over the years, from shirts to coats and dresses, as well as soft and supple knits are some of the best on the domestic scene, and this is something to remember when it comes to Andrijana.

Superior quality, design shift, long family tradition and lack of superficiality of transient trends are so
Etna Maar.

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